Making Adjustments

Making Adjustments

February 15, 2017

Enough about my Himalayan trek, right? Well, no. This time we need to make personal adjustments….

My body was abused during my trek to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) as we climbed to 14,000 feet in 3 days and then descended for 4 days. Everyday was up or down at a tremendous grade…it was the hardest thing I have ever done. My friends, who are both physically very fit, were able to complete the harsh daily climbs in a much shorter time than I. But, I walked into this knowing that I was going to face some added challenges. I have had an old ankle injury from my early twenties that limits the movement of my ankle. I knew I would have to make adjustments along the way to compensate for my handicap. I needed to figure out how my body could get me to where I wanted to go. But, making those adjustments had repercussions that I hadn’t planned on. They caused changes in the way my body moved and I had to deal with those changes in a way that the others didn’t. My knees developed severe pain, which has lasted till even today. But, I did it. I finished. I got to my goal - I just had to do it differently.

This is also true of our various investments styles. Some of us feel comfortable going hard and being aggressive in our investments. Others are more cautious and feel more secure not taking the temptation of a more dangerous route. And yet others prefer to walk slowly without anxiety and simply enjoy the journey. With planning, we can potentially all reach our goal, we just may go about it differently. The idea is to find someone who can help you understand the route that best fits your style. Someone to guide you to your goal, on the path of your choice and make certain that you are comfortable along the way. As an advisor, I sit and talk to you about the journey, make the necessary adjustments along the way to help you pursue your goal in your own style.

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