Patience Grasshopper

Patience Grasshopper

March 05, 2018

I have been home recovering from total knee replacement surgery since February 1st. For the first week of my recovery, I was heavily sedated with pain medication and cannot, honestly, recall much of the week. The second week I began feeling better, and here in the third and forth week I’m going stir crazy! Being a self-competitive person, I have been pushing myself to get better quick. Exercising and stretching…but “Whoa!” says my physical therapist…”Whoa!” You need time to heal; you cannot rush healing. It takes time and you want to have a solid foundation to build on when we start working on getting you back in good physical condition and ready to ride your bike!

I hear that. It’s sound solid advice and I know that my physical therapist has only my best interests at heart. I have to give it time, let the tissue heal before we can start to push and gain back the muscle that I’ve lost over the last months of inactivity. It takes time and patience…Patience Grasshopper.

So, as we look at what has been going on in the market, we’ve been blessed over the last year or more with bounding gains and inspirational strides. But recently we had a pull back, things became a bit unstable, and some feared the worst! Will it be another???

So, here is what I want to say about that. There should be no investment ‘emergencies’. Your investments are for the LONG TERM. We are well diversified and look at various strategies for the future. The foundation is solid. We are working toward a future goal and need to understand there will be ups and downs. Some years we will be advancing with great strides, others not so much. But the overall plan is solid. 

So, with that in mind, understand that we know there are shaky moments ahead. We’ve not seen the last of it, and we’re prepared to weather any moments that come along. We are in it for the long haul, right? 

Patience, Grasshopper.