Preparing for the Heat

Preparing for the Heat

July 17, 2018

On July 4th this year, I had the privilege and honor of participating in a neighboring community parade, was able to spend the day poolside ‘chilling’ with my neighbor and was invited to attend as a VIP at a community celebration at a park, which included listening to international musicians, John Waite and Pat Benetar. I had a spectacular day and enjoyed every single moment. It was blazing HOT. The temperatures were well into the mid 90’s with ‘feels like' temperatures in the 100’s. I thought I was melting! 

BUT, I enjoyed my day. I wore light clothing, sunscreen, and a big hat, drank water, water, water, and took advantage of shade and rested when and where I could. I could have denied myself the pleasure of seeing all the children racing for candy, the big smiles on their faces as we passed making it ‘rain' Tootsie-Rolls. I could have stayed inside in the afternoon, denying myself the pleasure of enjoying the sunshine. I could have stayed home and not seen these artists perform live, and the following 30-minute fireworks display…I didn't. I prepared and planned well for my day and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I met some wonderful people who also prepared for the heat, a mom and dad with their two children in a pull-behind seat for bikes; an older couple with cooling towels around their necks. Parents who were slathering sunscreen on their toddlers and keeping them happy with bubbles. I saw couples lying on blankets with misters on a vast lush green lawn among the tens of thousands in the hot sun drinking bottles of electrolytes. I even saw security personnel, police officers and catering staff and park employees who all wore smiles because they prepared. It was hot, but everyone had fun.

The key is preparation. I was chatting with a fellow councilman who is a bit younger than myself, and I couldn’t help switching to 'work mode’...he had never worked with a financial professional. I suggested he consider it. It’s all in the planning and preparation. What do you want to achieve? What will your future look like in 15 yrs? Do you want to have fun or do you want to get to the park and realize that you came unprepared and be miserable?

I hope your Fourth was filled with the joy of the holiday! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and make an appointment to discuss preparation for your future. Let’s get you to the park prepared for the heat.