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Promises Kept?

| May 03, 2018
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Promises Kept? 

At the beginning of this year I had made a few resolutions to make big changes in my life. I also made plans for my business. I had plans to expand and make some slight changes that won’t affect current clients, but would expand my ability to help others. I planned and created checklists and was excited and energized about how this “one thing” was going to be IT!

I’m still excited about adding to my business, but I have tweaked my plan a bit. I’m still happy and thrilled for the possibilities of helping others that were previously not on my radar, but have the ability to help. My plans were changed by a few things; talking to others, listening to some podcasts, and reaching out and networking. I’m still on track, the track just looks a little different, and that’s perfectly ok! Sometimes we can’t be so rigid in our resolutions, sometimes, those promises change. Don’t give up, simply adjust and pivot in a new, just as challenging and fun, direction!

How are you doing with your resolutions? We’ve passed the first quarter and are well on our way into the second…time flies! Not having fun yet? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate what your goals were at the beginning of the year, when you felt the enthusiasm of the New Year! Have your goals changed? Maybe you are going in a new direction because of an occurrence during the first quarter? It’s ok. Breathe. Adjust your plan and keep on following it.  Pivot. As long as you are moving, you’ll get on track

Do we need to review your financial goals for the year? Has something changed?  New job? New home? New family member? There are many reasons that would constitute a reevaluation. There’s still plenty of the year left to adjust or even to create a new goal.

Call me, let’s talk.

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