Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

June 04, 2018

Wow, aren’t those two words that are on top of everyone’s mind these days? 

What one person sees as the full and honest truth, when seen from another perspective, can be completely different. In our memories, we can tend to expand on the truth to make it fit the story that we are telling ourselves. It’s much more comfortable to tell ourselves the story that fits the outcome we want. The old fish-story for example: “the fish I caught was thiiis big! Really!”

This past week I had someone tell me a story about our past, which was a recollection as seen from a youthful perspective. As an adult, I know that the story was out of proportion and tried to correct the storyteller, but was confronted with a resolute, “No, that’s not how it was!” Indeed, the story they were telling themselves helps to create and support their story, and the outcome they want at the moment, and they weren’t going to see reality or consider what my perspective was at the time. Truthfully, they simply didn’t have the full story. They like the story the way it is, and they are sticking to their version, regardless.

What is your story that you are telling yourself around money? Is it easy to save? Is it fun to spend? You can’t save right now because...? What is the reality of that story? How could someone taking a bird’s eye view of your story help you to see what is really going on? Might you be using old thought patterns that no longer serve you to justify your reality?

Remember, we work hard so that someday we don’t have to work so hard. Let’s pay the future now, so that you can retire comfortably and securely.

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