Working For Women

Working For Women

August 03, 2016

The decision to work primarily with women was not one that came immediately to me. As a financial advisor, my goal (with open honesty) is firstly to earn money so that I can pay my bills. That’s done by gathering clients who value a service that I can provide, due to my 18 years of experience in the financial services industry. So, during my first years, I sought diverse clients who were in job transition and anyone I met networking. I value the connections that I have with all my clients! I have learned much from their life experiences and wouldn’t trade my connection with them for the world. They are all special to me!

After a few years, it became apparent that my heart was calling me to specialize in one area. Why had I been through all that I had experienced in my life, if not to help guide others through the pain of a serious life transition? I know that losing your husband is painful and very, very scary. There’s so much to be done, and fear and anxiety are overwhelming. As the remaining parent, and head-of-household, every-single-responsibility falls on YOUR shoulders. That’s an extremely heavy weight to bear alone.

If I can help women who suddenly find themselves is a similar situation, single-head-of-household, mother, career woman and home maintenance provider…If I can help to lift one burden from their shoulders to help make this path lighter, then my past has reason.

Monthly, you see those investment statements come in the mail and they are stacking up on the corner of your desk. I can help you with those so that you can tend to your family, home and career. And, as it so happens, I have a lot of resources to help with some of that other weight too.